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Hey there! Here are some frequently asked questions!

What are the dimensions?

23" W x 15" H (width will differ per state, this is the US map size).

With 84 cap holes!

How does it work?

You simply press your favorite bottle caps into the backside of the wood. The ridges in the wood will hold-in the bottle cap. Want to replace it with a new bottle cap? It's easy. Simply push the bottle cap out from the frontside and replace it with a new bottle cap.

The corners of your beer cap map have small holes so it can be hung or nailed to your wall and we include the hanging nails (finishing nails) in the package so your gift is 100% ready-to-use upon arrival (saves you a trip to the hardware store!).

What bottle caps should I use?

We’ve see most beer cap map owners fill theirs with bottle caps from their favorite American craft breweries from coast to coast. So go with whatever makes you happy!

Where should I hang my beer map?

Popular places to place your beer cap maps include: home wet bars, the “man cave”, bedrooms, kitchens, and garages! Just check out our finishing options -we offer finishing stains that will accommodate any room’s decor.

Can I give these as gifts?

Our beer cap maps are very popular gifts too! Order yours for Father’s Day, for your groomsman/groomsmen or as birthday presents, anniversary gifts, homecoming gifts, and much more. We know getting the right gift isn’t easy, but our beer cap maps will be a surefire win.

*Orders are shipped “gift ready”, meaning the price will not be shown. We can provide a receipt if needed. Each is proudly crafted, packaged and shipped from New Orleans, Louisiana.