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About us

BottleCapArt is a New Orleans-based gift company. New Orleans ("NOLA") is America's oldest city - we're rich in heritage, culture, and story.  Maintaining all of this, we wish to share a bit of New Orleans with you. New Orleanians believe that every moment's an opportunity for making a memory. We're a culture of memories. Every meal, night out, and occasion with your loved ones is an opportunity to create memories. Don't waste these moments!

BottleCapArt wanted to bring New Orleans into the craft of boutique gift making. We believe that every occasion to give a gift is an opportunity to create a memory.

We craft a very select set of products that we believe are the perfect gifts. Take our signature product - the Beer Cap Map made from birch wood. It's a gift for those in your life that love beer.  It will definitely impress!

Our company established its Etsy presence in the start of 2016, but like our city, our team has a long history in producing excellent outcomes for our customers. We're not a big operation, but we focus on only serving the best.  Everything is dealt with personally, such as marketing and crafting products. 

Thank you for shopping with us, and we look forward to making that special gift for your next moment!